The Work-Study Program (WSP) is carries out through the regular Upward Bound Program and gives students selected the opportunity to explore, discover, and experience professional fields in real life settings. Students will be selected to participate based on a predetermined criteria. Students selected will be expected to work an average of twelve (12) hours per week in addition to attending a senior seminar class one day per week. The seminar class exposes students to a host of non-cognitive skills while also working on resume building, interviewing skills, professionalism in the workplace, etc.

Program Objective

The purpose of the WSP is to prepare Upward Bound Students for the professional work force while exposing them to professional fields of employment in a hands-on environment. Students selected will gain and improve knowledge of a specific field, acquire and utilize skills and competencies necessary to be productive in a professional setting, familiarize themselves with proper procedures and ethical guidelines, and experience the process of gaining employment in a professional work place.


Students selected must meet all of the following requirements before beginning their work-study experience.

  1. At the beginning of the summer have a classification as a bridge or graduated senior unless otherwise approved by the Director.

  2. Be selected (based on a point system) by Upward Bound Staff using the Work-Study Selection Form.

  3. Successfully gain employment with a work site approved by the Upward Bound Staff.

  4. Sign a contract with the Upward Bound Program

  5. Be in good standing and a full time member of the Upward Bound Program.

Sample Requirements

Listed below are the required items that must be placed in your portfolio and submitted at the end of the program. Items or articles may be added to this list throughout the WSP class.

  • Handbook

  • Syllabus

  • Time Logs

  • Student Contract

  • UB Supervisor Evaluation of student

  • Supervisor Evaluation of Student

  • Exit Interview

  • Handouts/Notes for Seminars & Workshops

  • 3 Additional Assignments

  • Resume

  • Career Exploration Assignment

  • Final Exam

  • Analysis of mock interview

                                                                                                                                        Pictured:Upward Bound Work-Study Candidates 2017