Announcements (5/21/20):

  • Tuesday, May 26 is the first day of classes! Students should have received an email from Thinkwave instructing you how to create your student account. If you have not received an email, contact your Educ. Specialist.

  • Tutoring will be available Mon-Thu to students who need it. Please check your Thinkwave dashboard for tutoring information starting next week.


Summer Program Dates

Tuesday, May 26 through Friday, July 10

Summer Program Policies

  • Participation is required

  • Students should use a registered Zoom account OR use their own name when entering a room

  • Webcam sharing is required

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Be on time

    • 5 minutes or more late = 1 tardy

    • 5 tardies = 1/2 day absence

  • Complete your assignments on time

  • Absences

    • Students are permitted to miss no more than 5 days

    • Those students missing more than 5 days will not be given a stipend

    • Each whole day absence is a 3.0% reduction in stipend

    • Each 1/2 day absence is a 1.5% reduction in stipend

    • A whole day is defined as: anytime a student misses more than 2 classes in a single day

    • A 1/2 day is defined as: anytime a student misses at least 1 class in a single day

    • Absences accrued due to college orientations will not count against a student (max. 3 days) and proof of orientation attendance is required

  • Absences due to medical or dental appointments

    • If a student must be absent for a medical or dental appointment, the absence will not count against a student's stipend BUT will be added into the 5 day absence total accrual. A doctors note or dental note must be sent to the Director of Programs or the absence WILL count against the stipend. Students should let their Educ. Specialist know when they will be missing and be sure to get the doctors note to the Educ. Specialist as soon as possible.

  • To receive the stipend, students must successfully complete the program.

    • Successful completion is defined as: not missing more than the allowable number of days, scoring an 80% or higher cumulative average in academic and work study classes, scoring a C or higher if participating in the Bridge class (Human Biology).

  • Loaned technology items must be returned undamaged and in working order.






                                           If you are experiencing tech issues, please click here.


Upward Bound is funded by the U.S. Department of Education & sponsored by Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority Inc.