List of items you may want to bring with you to summer program


Twin Bed Sheet- required

Blanket- required

Pillows- required

Personal Hygiene, Shower,  & Medication

All students must bring a pair of flip flops for the shower.- required (Wal-Mart sells flip-flops for $1.99 and these are fine to use in the shower)

Towels- required

Washcloths- required

Shampoo- required

Soap- required

Toothbrush- required

Toothpaste- required

Deodorant- required

Any other personal hygiene products you may require- required

Any medication you require- required


​Enough clothing (shirts, shorts, underwear, pants, etc to allow you to change clothing every day)- required

A pair of tennis shoes/socks if you want to participate in UB Active/REC- required

Sweatshirt or jacket as some classrooms may be cool - required

Classroom Supplies

Pencil, pen, notebook or whatever school supply you wish to bring- required

Optional Items

Umbrella or poncho

Alarm clock (optional)

Cell-phone (optional)

Laptop (optional)

Small television and gaming console such as Xbox One, PS4 if you have one and want to play it (optional)

Small dorm refrigerator (optional)

Snacks (you may want to bring some chips, cookies, crackers, popcorn, ramen noodles, candy, or drinks to snack on at night). (optional)

Dorm decorations such as rugs or other what-knots.(optional)

Wifi is provided to students free of charge.

Microwaves and any other type of heating instruments such as hotplates are prohibited in dorm rooms. Microwaves are provided to you in the lobby of the dorm, to heat food and cook popcorn etc. 

Candles are also prohibited and may not be used in the dorm.