How to Make Your Summer Count

May 10, 2016


Summer Break is getting closer and closer as each day goes by and students are extremely happy to see their summer break coming along. It is important for students to take a break, relax and have some fun over the summer, but it is also a great time to do something that will interest you and challenge yourself in order to prepare you for the upcoming school year.  A great way for Upward Bound students to make their summer worthwhile is to attend the Summer Program. The Upward Bound Summer 2016 program will be held Monday, May 30 through Friday, July 1 with the optional trip to New York City July 3 through July 8. During the summer program, students are exposed to a wide variety of classes and live in a dorm at Carson Newman University. Typical summer classes include English 10, 11, 12, Biology, Chemistry, Geometry, Spanish, and French. This year’s trip will be to The Big Apple, New York City. While in New York, we will be visiting The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park and many other interesting sites. We will be doing exciting things like having dinner at the famous Bubba Gump’s and attending the Broadway play The Phantom of the Opera. The Upward Bound Summer Program is a great way for students to make their summer count and it is highly encouraged for them to attend.

If the Upward Bound Summer Program is not for you, then there are still other ways to make your summer count!

  • You can make the most of your summer by getting hands-on experience in the real world, whether through a paid job or an internship. Summer work allows you to develop new skills and looks good on a college application.

  • Volunt