Find Your College Match

March 10, 2016


Many students wait until their senior year to start looking at colleges, but really you should begin as soon as possible. There are a lot of things to consider if you want to get into the right school, and the sooner you begin the better. Plus, it help keep you motivated to do well in your classes and other areas (such as activities or community service). If you follow this guideline as a high school student you should be able to find a college that is just right for you!


  • Begin with a game plan in place. Some students find it hard to stay focused their freshmen year since college seems so far away. Don’t fall into this trap. Take your classes seriously and make good grades. You will thank yourself for it later when you easily qualify for state aid (3.0 is required) and find more scholarships open to you than if you had a lower GPA (grade point average).

  • Start exploring what type of careers you are interested in. You know that you would like to go to college, but what do you want to study? What job do you want to have as an adult? Use resources you already have such as an career assessments you take at school, use your KUDER test results from UB, and check out your local library to see what books or information they may have. There are also several websites you might find useful including: - (Interest Profiler that allows you to explore careers) or (take a Career Cluster Survey and it will give you some career matches).

  • Begin thinking about the type of college you are interested in- start with size of campus (do you want to be a face in the crowd or do you want a more