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Humanity Rising Scholarship   Deadline: Rolling Basis   Award Amount: Varies $250 and up High School Students

Share your community service story.    Click HERE to Apply

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship   Deadline: Nov. 13th  Award Amount: $40,000 High School Seniors

High School Seniors with financial need (family income up to $95,000 will be considered), 3.5 GPA, and 26 ACT

This is completed through the Common App so it takes awhile to complete as it will need information about your finances, test scores, GPA, college plans, family, activities and honors and recommendations. Click HERE to Apply


Mary Knoll Essay Scholarship     Deadline: Nov. 16th   Award Amount: $2,000 Middle and High School Students'

Write an essay explaining what you think the pope means by “a civilization of love.” What signs have you seen during these extraordinary times of people building a civilization of love? How will you build that civilization going forward?

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Dell Scholars Deadline: Dec. 1st  High School Seniors who have been in an approved college prep program in 11th and 12th grade (UB counts), demonstrates financial need, plans to enroll in a 4 yr. degree in the fall after graduation and has a 2.4 GPA or above.  Award Amount- Financial support of $20,000, a laptop, textbook credits, confidential counseling, financial aid coaching, support staff and work-life solutions.

The application asks for a lot of information and will take some time so start it ASAP! Click HERE to Apply

Free Speech Contest   Deadline: Dec. 31st   Award Amount: varies- Up to $10,000   High School Junior and Seniors

Submit an 800-1,000 word essay on the following topic: Why free speech is so important to higher education and why censorship undermines the ideals of liberal education and a free society.   Click HERE to Apply

UNIGO Scholarship Spotlight

Education Matters      Deadline- Nov. 30th    Award Amount: S5,000  14 yrs. old and up eligible


"What would you say to someone who thinks education doesn't matter, or that college is a waste of time and money?" (250 words or less)  Click HERE to Apply


Top Ten List Scholarship Deadline- Dec.31st     Award Amount: S1,500  14 yrs. old and up eligible


"Create a Top Ten List of the top ten reasons you should get this scholarship." (250 words or less) Click HERE to Apply

Unigo 10K Scholarship Deadline- Dec.31st     Award Amount: S10,000  14 yrs. old and up eligible


"Imagine a historical figure is brought back to life. Who is it? What's their favorite mobile app?" (250 words or less) Click HERE to Apply

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships


College Scholarship Program

High School Seniors- Up to $40,000 to any college. Opens Aug. 8th- Deadline is Oct. 30th

Undergraduate Transfer

Community College Students looking to transfer. Up to $40,000 @ any 4 yr. college. Opens Aug. 8th- Deadline is Jan. 1st 2021

Link to Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships Info.


(Must apply via the Common App)

Coolidge Scholars

High School Juniors

Opens in October

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Note: Many High $$ Scholarships end in October and November

High Dollar Scholarships

List Fall Semester

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