Spring Forward Academically

March 12th, 2017 marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. The day when we “Spring Forward” our clocks one hour and lose one hour of our precious sleep. While many people dread setting their clocks forward, they are usually adjusted to their new schedule by the end of the week and take part in the advantages of Daylight Saving Time! Setting our clocks forward one hour can benefit retailers, sports, exercise, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours. As we “Spring Forward” our clocks, it is also a great time for high school students to Spring Forward Academically!

With only a couple months of school left, it’s important for students to stay on track and keep pushing forward. Midterms are approaching and this is a great opportunity for students to focus and excel to boost their grades. Also, spring time is usually filled with school activities that students can participate in for extra credit. There are also many other ways for students to spring forward in academics and prepare for their futures.

Freshmen and sophomores need to remain motivated and keep making good grades in order to keep up the GPA which will be crucial for scholarship purposes in the future. Also, they should start thinking about courses they want to take next semester that will push themselves academically.

Juniors also need to remain motivated in their classes and keep making good grades to keep up their GPAs. This year is crucial to your college and scholarship search. While you may have seen a limited number of scholarships available to you as a freshman or sophomore, the door of possibilities is wide open to you as a junior. Also, spring time is when the ACT statewide test is given. The ACT test is set for March 21st or April 19th. The ACT plays a crucial role in college admissions and scholarships so students need to strive to do their best! Once you have your College list, schedule college visits in March, April and May. Your spring break would be an ideal time to go so you don’t have to miss any school!

Seniors most definitely need to remain focused and do all they can to spring forward in their classes. At this point, your applications are in and you’ve either already heard from some colleges about their admissions decision, or your twiddling your thumbs waiting in anticipation for that first acceptance letter. Rather than inciting a near panic attack in anxiously waiting, put all of your nervous energy into your scholarship search and applications. At this point, apply for anything and everything, even awards for small amounts. Finally, take time to reflect on and enjoy your final moments as a high school student. College is such an incredible experience, but don’t let senior year lose its luster. Continue to work hard in class, savor those last few baseball or choir practices and make a point to spend time with your close friends.

As said before, Daylight Saving Time is approaching and it will be time for us to “Spring Forward” our clocks but this is also a great time for student to Spring Forward Academically! Students don’t let yourselves fall into Spring Fever! You should remain focused and strive forward to end year on top!


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