I know you students sometimes get tired of everyone telling you to apply for scholarships. You hear it from your counselors, you hear it from your advisers and you hear it at Senior Seminar! With everything else you have to do (school, job, activities, applying for college, getting FAFSA done, etc.) it must seem as though you cannot possibly fit one more thing into your busy schedule! Then, you go to put in for scholarships and are sometimes completely overwhelmed and most of the time with that feeling of being overwhelmed, you shut down and say this is not really worth it – I am not doing it!!

Although it can be overwhelming and you probably get sick of hearing it, we will not stop trying to get you to apply for scholarships. The thing about scholarships is that they are real and they provide real money! Most of the time with financial aid, TSAC money and TNPromise, you have enough to attend a community college. But, let’s say you also need books – okay, let’s say you were just awarded a $1,000 scholarship – ok there’s money for your books (or just about)! Now, what if you persevered and was award another scholarship – this one for $5,000. NOW, you have already paid for your books with your first scholarship (remember $1,000). Now, what is this $5,000 for? This is YOUR money to put in the bank or save for a car or whatever you would like to do with it. The fact is once you pay your costs, the rest of the money is YOURS!

Scholarships are most abundant as you graduate from high school. Sometimes, there are scholarships for graduate school, or a doctorate program but these are few and far between. This will be one of the only times in your life you will be presented with money for doing something as simple as writing an essay. Most scholarships today do not expect too much more than that – IF the essay is well thought out and planned. GPA and ACT scores certainly play a part, but it is the creative essay-writing person inside you that will generate the most interest. Sometimes attaining a scholarship is even simpler. In Hawkins County one year, no one applied for a local scholarship, NO ONE (check with David Alvis next time you see him) so that scholarship would have been awarded to YOU if you had put in for it – even if your grades and ACT scores were not stellar!

So go ahead, give it a shot – you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!


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