Note to Staff: You are welcome to use any logo listed below, but do not edit them in any way, unless you get it approved first. Suggestions for new additions to our logo page are always welcome however, so if you have any ideas or specifics you would like to see, contact me and we will get it done together.

UB Official Logo 2015 - Transparent Background
Commercial Logo for prints (t-cups, pens, pencils, etc).
Valentines Day Logo Created 2018
UB Official Logo 2015 - White Background
Embroidery Logo for backpacks
Saint Patrick's Day Logo Created 2017
Easter Logo Created 2016
Thanksgiving Logo Created 2017
Christmas Logo Created 2018
Halloween Created 2017
Christmas Logo Created 2017
White Logo for dark backgrounds
All-Star Member Logo
Alumni Access 2018
Summer 2016 Logo
Summer 2017 Logo
Summer 2018 Logo
Social Media Info 2016

Upward Bound is funded by the U.S. Department of Education & sponsored by Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority Inc.