Alumni Blog - March 2020

How to Avoid Getting Sick in College

College is an exciting time! You get to live on campus in one of the many dorms, go out every weekend and meet a ton of new people. Due to you living in a brand new place, hanging out with brand new people, you are destined to come in contact with brand new germs. When cold weather hits, all it takes is someone on your floor coming down with a cold and before you know it, the whole floor has it. This can easily go around because of the small, compact living conditions and shared amenities such as the bathrooms, the computer labs and kitchens. But feat not, here are some tips on how to steer clear of sickness!


Stock Up! Keep over-the-counter medications and some easy-to-prepare snacks or warm drinks in your room. Stock up on soups or noodles that only require hot water.

Know Your Options! Get acquainted with the health and medical services on campus and in town. Many colleges health centers have nurses and physicians for extended hours and pharmacies on campus. Look online for hours and listings of local walk-in clinics, pharmacies and emergency rooms. Some health centers have call-in lines for speaking to a nurse and getting medical advice.

Get Vaccinated! One of the most important actions you can take in order to protect yourself from getting sick is getting your vaccines. Many student health services offer flu shots either free or at a reduced rate. You can also walk into an urgent care clinic or drugstore, where shots are often free.

Wash Your Hands, Whenever, and Wherever! Washing your hands is by far the most important precaution for preventing the spread of all the germs that are going around you.

Always Cover Your Mouth

Leaving your mouth exposed when you sneeze or cough will contaminate the things around you; it will spread germs. Covering your mouth/nasal area is just another way to prevent the spread of a nasty virus.