Alumni Blog - December 2019

Semester Strong

You did it! You survived your first semester of all-nighters, pop quizzes, random roommates, living on your own, and so much more. A tale of caution...don't let yourself think that since Christmas break is in sight that you can start slacking off. This is actually the most important part of the semester. To end with solid final grades, make sure your hard work is worth it, and ensure that you've retained everything you learned this semester, you should strive to finish your semester strong.

This may seem obvious but finals are not on the same schedule as your classes. The times for finals can generally be found in your class syllabus or on your school's website under the semester's official calendar. Make sure that you write down your final exams in your calendar.

Figure Out Your Exam Schedule

Go ahead and start now! It's never too soon to start studying. It may seem tedious and there are a lot of other things that you would rather do. However, it take a lot less time to study in small increments than it does to cram the night or week of finals. Study a chapter a day up until finals or write your paper by a section a day. This will help prevent stress and give you more time to absorb the information.