Academic Year

During the academic year, students meet with their advisers once per week in the schools. During these meetings students are exposed to a wide variety of curriculum. This also gives the student time to talk with their adviser, plan their high school year, complete college applications, financial aid documents, get signed up for tutoring if needed, etc. These weekly meetings are crucial to a students success in Upward Bound. These meetings are where the "magic" of Upward Bound happens!

Nine (9) Saturdays per academic year, students attend an Eagle Day at Carson Newman University. On Eagle Days, students take academic enrichment courses and participate in fun activities. Class offerings in the past have included: ACT Prep, Junior Seminar, Senior Seminar, Executive Leadership, Financial Literacy, Priorities 101, Southern Literature, Origami, Sports Evolution, Team Building, World Culture, Drama, Drawing, DIY Canvas Painting, Current Events, The Truth Behind Dr, Seuss and more.

Students have fun while learning about new things, interacting with new friends, and making sure they are on the path to college!

So What About Those Trips???

Being exposed to places they've never been before, meeting new people, experiencing cultures different than their own is a very important part of being a successful Upward Bound student. Sometimes we take small trips in December and or April.

Summer Program

Summer program is a very important part of the Upward Bound experience. For 5 weeks during June and July, students move into the dorms at Carson-Newman University and experience college life to the fullest. Students arrive on Sunday evening and spend the week on campus, and return home every Friday evening.

During the day students take classes in Math, English, For. Language, Laboratory Science, or they take actual college courses. Students also take elective courses, ACT Prep, and a host of other non-cognitive related seminars.

During the evening students participate in recreation, dances, families, olympics, or off-campus excursions.

At the end of the 5 week residential component, students continue their learning on a week long cultural trip. Some past places we have visited include Williamsburg VA, Jamestown VA, New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, Orlando FL, Houston TX, New Orleans LA, Boston MA, Salem MA, Charleston SC, Philadelphia PA, etc.

For more info about summer program, click here.

Upward Bound is funded by the U.S. Department of Education & sponsored by Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority Inc.